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If there were a beginning of something there has to be and end of it, right? The end of 'something' has always been near, but is THE end really as near as some people would like for us to believe?  Maybe, maybe not. After 25 years on this journey of ever growing to live a  more self-sustained and prepared life - I've heard various cries of the 'end' being near.  Some of which were out of sheer desire to motivate, while others were out of selfish ambition to motivate others to purchase a particular product or adhere to a specific  [...]

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In a new effort to pressure Iran over it's nuclear program, the European Union has imposed sanctions on Iranian Oil. There is some 'wiggle room' for negotiation, on the sanctions however if Iran were to suspend  it's atomic activity. Does the actions of those 'across the pond' affect those in the USA and around the world? I believe they will affect us and sooner as well as later. Some events that I see happening are as follows: Immidiately the west will have issues with crude oil prices which will... Raise the price of gas at the pumps An already sluggish [...]

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Author: Donna Miller There is a great difference that rearranging that subject line above would make.  It could read: "To get fear under control, get prepared." However, that is not exactly how I feel the true prepared lifestyle actually works. The fact is that most of us have never chosen wisely reacting out of  fear. Chaos, emergencies, and emotional instability often force us into feeling that we  have to make decisions immediately and often on only partial information and even worse, on little if no faith. Fear can be a motivator, but it can also be a jailer or a [...]

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By Donna Miller Most people don't even give survival a second thought. To many survival means having air conditioning and cable TV. But what is real survival and what techniques are needed to know or skills and planning are involved if one were to have to survive, say without shelter or a grocery store close by? Potentially the list of survival skills could be endless but the top category that I see would be to find what is right for your surroundings and climate. If you are above a certain elevation only certain crops are specific to your area. If [...]

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Go ahead and do a web search for terms like: food peril, sustainable food, food shortage and the like. One would find a very long list of recent news alerts that forecast some troubling times ahead. Some people would say that we are to vote or allow our government to make the plans on how we receive food or prepare for a crisis. Many a debate is flying about for solutions to the shortage and high price of food. It seems the media has just recently realized what many people have seen coming for a few years. We cannot continue [...]