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Seeds: The Importance of Proper Harvesting and Storage

Many people consider food storage to be one of the most important areas for survival planning. Certainly, we won't argue the fact that food storage is a vital part of preparedness planning for crisis situations, but, food storage alone is not a complete long-term survival solution. We must begin to actively consider active food production. In other words, we need a plan to produce food. If we only consider a food storage plan, we are only providing a temporary solution to our food consumption needs. We must develop a long-term strategy to replace what we consume. So, that would certainly [...]

Should you Consider Hydroponics Farming in Your Preparedness Planning?

Typically, we share ideas and strategies on storing grains and other food as part of our overall preparedness strategy.  Obviously, storage foods have a limit to their effectiveness.  We should have other plans in place for a long-term preparedness solution. Every family that has a preparedness plan, should include planting and growing food as part of their plan.  Land space obviously becomes a concern, so some alternative growing methods needs to be considered. That raises the question then -  should you consider hydroponics in your preparedness planning? Let's look at some thoughts on hydroponics farming and growing: Traditional farming makes [...]

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  We are supporters of a certain Preparedness Forum that someone posted a question that went something like this: I hear a lot about having money and precious metals on hand for the uncertain future. Wouldn't an investment not be better spent now in a different way? Canned peas that cost currently cost $.78 might be $7.80 in our economic future.  I would personally rather have food, water and toilet paper than paper money, coins or even gold and silver. The foundation for asking this question is the current economy and trends. The question is very legitimate as many of [...]


Be sure to check our new Radio Page above to see all the great upcoming and past episodes of Your Preparation Station with Donna Miller (of Millers Grain House & Grain Storehouse) on Preparedness Radio Network. This upcoming Saturday, Dec 19th 8PM Eastern I am delighted to have Desere,Office Manger/Assistant to Eustace Conway, Owner/Operator/Director of Turtle Island Preserve. Have you ever wondered how our ancestors lived without the 'modern conveniences' of today? Have you wanted to give these lost arts/skills a try to see how you can live this way? Ever wonder if you could go 'without' the conveniences we've [...]

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What exactly does that look like? Honestly, if anyone tries to tell you how you HAVE to do it, be a tad bit skeptical. In my opinion there is no "one-size-fits-all" plan to being more self sustaining. Sure, some of the components are quit similar and many of the 'list' may be the same from family to family, but if you're getting the treatment that you're not 'doing it right' as you embark on this journey, don't worry. Doing SOMETHING toward being self-sustaining is better than waiting to anything because someone told you the 'right' way to do it and [...]

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Just when we're feeling overwhelmed with what it is we feel called to do (share preparedness living and encourage others) and we're struggling with feeling like square pegs in the round holes of society - it's just like our Father to send an encouraging word OUR way! The following note, from someone I hope to have the honor of meeting face to face one day, was such a breath of fresh air and has put more wind in our sails to press on in our sharing. I hope you are inspired by it as we are! "Donna, I am so [...]