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Food Storage for Beginners

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Here are some Food Storage ideas for beginners. Do you know that proper food storage is essential to the well-being of everyone in your household? A little knowledge on the basics of successful food storage keeps your family safe and helps you make the most of your food dollars. Here we'll take a look at some tips and a few techniques that pay big dividends. Food storage can be looked at from both long and short term perspectives. Bulk, canned and preserved foods in a good variety are good insurance against emergencies such as natural disasters or work shortages and [...]


We were asked this very important question by someone who recently purchased several of our BPA-FREE Spin Lid storage pails....Found Here [We] want to long term store flour, rice, sugar, and pasta for up to one year minimum. Are there any special tips to protect the contents that I need to be aware of? We felt like it was of importance to share on this blog due to the fact that there are often two camps of food storage that people fall into: Regular Use and Emergency Only food storage. Here is a copy of our reply: Basically it only [...]


Bay leaves can be spread throughout the containers of grain or dried goods. Two bay leaves for small amounts up to one gallon or five leaves in larger buckets. Some people say this works well for them. Just what is the science behind using bay leaves? Bay leaves are toxic if the bug eats them. However, the bugs will happily climb right over them. Scientifically, there is no proof that bay leaves detour them completely only being toxic detours bugs from eating the bay leaf itself. If you are still skeptical, choose another method just to be on the safe [...]


The Mylar Bag Method. While this is not the method that we use currently, I do see it as a very viable choice for certain environments and in certain cases. If you have extremely

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Our online store () offers a wide variety of mills, both electric and manual. The newest edition we have is one of the BEST manual (hand-powered) mills I have seen on the market. The makers of the WonderMill have produced this high quality hand-powered mill and are offering a $20 rebate for all sales through August 15, 2009. Take a good look at it and all the mill options we have to offer . Read more about this high quality grain mill below... the gulliver's travels movies NOW OFFERING A $20 REBATE ON THE DELUXE MANUAL GRAIN MILL WHEN ORDERED [...]

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The reason this preparation step is a two part subject is because the two go hand in hand. Stress and health related issues. The vicious cycle of being under stress causes us to eat less healthy and exercise less. Stress itself causes a myriad of bad chemical reactions within our bodies which add to the poor eating habits and lack of physical activity.  But both a better diet and healthy balance of moving our bodies actually helps to combat the stress both mentally and physically. The topic of 'preparation' can cause stress. That's why the vast majority of people prefer [...]

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Of course we could get carried away with a million different things that we think may be needed to stock up on for an emergency. I will say, however, many of the convenience items really are less convenient when eating for health and long term storage. Grains and Beans are the two biggest staples that will provide nutrition and long term sustainability for a preparedness pantry.  Build your long term pantry around these items and you can cut the odd items down to a minimum. Rice, wheat, spelt, millet, and oats are great for storage.  All forms of beans provide  [...]

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We are re-stocking our family's 6-8 month pantry supply.  Recently we started inviting some people in our area to order with us when we order for our on line store in bulk when we ordered for the inventory.  The question was soon asked of me, "Just what do I stock?" This has a lot to do with what your family will eat. In an emergency situation, of course taste buds are not as picky, but simply stated the two things aside from actually something they or you will consume are: Nutritional value and long term storage.  The next two things [...]