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Relief Efforts Donations and Price Cuts

“IT’S A DISASTER…” Field Guide offers Special Pricing Helps Relief Efforts Due to all the recent disasters, and with Hurricane and Wildfire Season coming (and already here in several states) combined with the tough economic conditions, FedHealth is offering special discounted pricing to businesses and consumers through September 30, 2011 and donating to disaster relief efforts at the same time. Normally the business price on our 268-page disaster preparedness and basic first aid manual is 50% off $14.99 list (or $7.50 US) but … through the end of September, they are discounting the business price to $5.00 each with free […]

Simple Solar Homestead Interview

This past Saturday on Your Preparation Station I had the honor of conducting a two hour interview with LaMar Alexander. If you are interested in going ‘off grid’, simplifying your life and dropping the day to day rat race of paying huge bills…this is an interview for you! You can listen over at the Radio Show RSS feed or at the play down below this update. Either way, I would suggest anyone who visits this blog to listen to this (and other) of the shows! LaMar does walk the talk (as I often warn people to take advice from only […]

It’s a DISASTER…..Help and Resources.

GREAT RESOURCE! Millers Grain House and this site (which is MGH’s Preparedness Outreach sister site) Grain Storehouse, Your Preparation Station and Fedhealth have teamed up to let you know about this customizable “tool” and to share some fund-raising ideas that may benefit you and your community. This “tool” is available in a preview mini-book form from us for FREE, yes really. Just down load it HERE. Please note: This PDF is only a portion of the actual 268-page book. Most of the bookmarks and links won’t work but we left them in to demonstrate layout and contents. You can find […]