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Water, water everywhere nor any a drop to drink.

This line from the poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner rings more true when thinking of surviving difficult times. As we’ve stated before in at least one email that has gone out to everyone who subscribes, water is more VITAL than food when surviving is the issue. A human body can last at least 40 days without food, but begins to shut down all vital organs in less than 3 days of no water. After the 3 day period, with little to no water, the damage is nearly irreversible. The damage begins that early and the body begins dying. […]

Learning Survival Skills, Techniques and Planning

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Although I would not classify what our family does as being ‘Survivalists’, we do factor that portion of planning and preparing into our ‘Prepping’ lifestyle. The skills, tools, techniques and planning it takes to survive in difficult times have been lost due to the over abundance of conveniences. Even if you don’t plan on ‘roughing it’ in the wild and foraging for food for your only existence during an extreme necessity, some survival tips, tools and techniques may still come in handy if you stick closer to your prepared home-site or bug-out location. We want help and direct you to […]