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Learning Survival Skills, Techniques and Planning

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Although I would not classify what our family does as being ‘Survivalists’, we do factor that portion of planning and preparing into our ‘Prepping’ lifestyle. The skills, tools, techniques and planning it takes to survive in difficult times have been lost due to the over abundance of conveniences. Even if you don’t plan on ‘roughing it’ in the wild and foraging for food for your only existence during an extreme necessity, some survival tips, tools and techniques may still come in handy if you stick closer to your prepared home-site or bug-out location. We want help and direct you to […]

Long-Term Workable Pantry TOOLS.

It all sounds nice and good to say ‘Build a Long-Term Workable Pantry” but if you don’t know where to get the tools to do so, it can be a bit frustrating. Our hope is to give you some realistic options to choose from. We’ve touched on how to go about it and some steps to take toward building that pantry, and your new sets of back to basics skills… but now we want to focus on where to GET items you may need. Some people have ample room and can have storage that looks similar to this: But more […]

Irradiated Foods

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In the UK, irradiated foods are already ‘available’ to the consumer. There is a difference, though, they are LABELED. They are labeled in the stores AND on the menus.  Now either the FDA thinks that Americans are stupid, or apathetic about their own health and that ‘they’ (aka: big brother) know better or ‘The Mother Land’ actually DOES have brighter people living there. Somehow the UK government is fine with telling them their food choices include irradiated foods. The consumer’s right to know is obviously more important to the UK and the USA.  Can we call the Better Business Bureau on our […]

Markets are full of 'food' – so where is the crisis?

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In an article found in the Wall Street Journal yesterday (7-8-08)  the two below paragraphs literally jumped out at me: The new famine is not about a crisis in global supply. Markets are full of food that developing-nation consumers cannot afford to buy. Prices for rice, corn, wheat and soy beans, the staple crops for world sustenance, have doubled in a single year. This pinches families in developed countries who allocate 15% of their income to food. In poor countries, where many spend 75% of their earnings to eat, real wages have been cut by a life-changing one-third. A decade of […]

Tomato recalls and saving money

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Have you seen the prices of tomatoes in the store lately? Wow! Now that is AFTER they have been back on the market following a mass recall.  There is something wrong when produce, fresh, simple, whole produce gets recalled. It’s not like it’s a ‘product’ that is ‘prepared’; it’s a whole food! One we can grow on our porch! Tomatoes are among the easiest plant to grow and to do so abundantly.  A tomato plant can grow in a container on a deck or in a huge garden plot. They will grow in raised beds and some can grow on a trellis or hanging […]

Views differ on cause of rising food prices

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Several months ago, in fact almost a year ago, our household began to notice trends and almost foresee that there was a looming shortage of food even in the ‘civilized Western World’ or at best the signs of pending inflation of food prices.  It is no longer speculation or sensing that food prices may be on the rise but the proof of it is increasing on the shelves daily.  It’s not a matter of ‘if’ it happens now, but ‘why’ it is happening now that brings us to research some of the differing views on the potential causes to find remedy. […]

Food shortage and food prices – the long haul.

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In an April 7th, article of the New York Times, the author ends with these words after going down the list of causes both in and out of our control about the shortage of food: “But it’s not clear how much can be done. Cheap food, like cheap oil, may be a thing of the past. ” wake the movie to download In a more recent article in the International Herald Tribune, a writer interjects this paragraph: “Apparently, high energy and grain prices, the impact of climate change and the growing demand for biofuels have all contributed to the scarcities. […]

The greatest threats to our food supply.

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Exactly what are the greatest threats to our food supply?  Are plagues, flood, disease or fire running rampant on our crops?  Sadly the answer to that is no; no such act of God is the actual threat to our food supply…at least not yet.  It is my humble opinion that we are our own threat to our food supply.  The greatest farm lands in the world are now struggling to compete with industry, suburbia and politics. Once upon our history, America and Europe were predominantly agricultural societies. The Farmer held a revered and honored chosen profession. The farming family worked hard and provided nutritious […]