Re-learning lost arts & skills at Turtle Island Preserve

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Be sure to check our new Radio Page above to see all the great upcoming and past episodes of Your Preparation Station with Donna Miller (of Millers Grain House & Grain Storehouse) on Preparedness Radio Network.

This upcoming Saturday, Dec 19th 8PM Eastern I am delighted to have Desere,Office Manger/Assistant to Eustace Conway, Owner/Operator/Director of Turtle Island Preserve.

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors lived without the ‘modern conveniences’ of today?

  • Have you wanted to give these lost arts/skills a try to see how you can live this way?
  • Ever wonder if you could go ‘without’ the conveniences we’ve come so used to having?
  • Do you have a desire to get hands on learning of skills and lost arts from a time past?

You’ll want to hear the show and check out more information!

Turtle Island is already an up and running self-sustaining community that lives simply without many of the trappings of modern society. It’s not ‘roughing it’ – it is simplicity at it’s most optimum operation!  I hope you’ll listen in and learn more!


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