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What Happens when Preppers meet up?

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Just what goes on when you get a bunch of preparedness¬†¬† minded people together? Does everyone arrive wearing camouflage and tin foil hats? No… If you want to be inspired to gather with a group or organize¬† a group in your state, you’ll want to listen to the program on Saturday Night (just follow this link, it will be live that night or a recording later) –   Just what all did they have on the docket to do that weekend in June? A LOT!   Demo a variety of camping stoves. Fire-starting Demonstrations and Contest. Survival Kits, Bug-Out […]

Interuption: Value of money vs. Valuables

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Please excuse the interruption. We interrupt this Preparation List to bring you a very valuable update. With a new influx of freshly printed money about to enter our economy, do you know exactly what that does to money that is put into savings? It de-values it. Money that is not backed by a real commodity such as gold is simply not real money. Once flooded into circulation it will look good for a while on the economic polls and facade, but eventually it too will become worth only the paper it is printed on. Once that money becomes less valuable, […]