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Preparation Step 3 – Deal with stress; stay or get healthy

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The reason this preparation step is a two part subject is because the two go hand in hand. Stress and health related issues. The vicious cycle of being under stress causes us to eat less healthy and exercise less. Stress itself causes a myriad of bad chemical reactions within our bodies which add to the poor eating habits and lack of physical activity.  But both a better diet and healthy balance of moving our bodies actually helps to combat the stress both mentally and physically. The topic of ‘preparation’ can cause stress. That’s why the vast majority of people prefer […]

FTC now into shutting down churches and ministries.

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If you didn’t think it was needed to store your own food and supplies for what may lie ahead, take a look at this article: This article actually has me concerned for the Mormon (LDS) Church. This is a church that believes in preparing to provide food for their own families and those in need in case of disaster. What if the FDA/FTC sees THAT as a threat too? You know, the Federal TRADE Commission can’t jack up the price, like they will when shortage and disaster hit, on things that are already stored….Hmmmm….be careful LDSers….no, really. download welcome to the […]