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Food Storage Method #6: Diatomaceous Earth

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Quite frankly – this is NOT one of our personal favorites when it comes to methods of keeping infestation at bay for food storage.  Please do not take this (solely or any other recommendation) as the end all authority. We are hoping to share options with you – for you to draw conclusions and decide the best plan for your family. With that said, on to the other method option:  Using Diatomaceous Earth There are several different types of Diatomaceous Earth . Make sure you get the kind that is approved for human consumption

From containers to methods; many choices.

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There are many containers for storing your dry goods and food storage. We’ve touched on the most popular below.  But along with the container are a wide variety of methods to aid in food storage. The choices are as varied as the climates you may live in.  At this point, I’d like to just list them for you to begin to see the wide array of choices to put to work in your chosen containers. Some of the methods to aid in food storage are: Mylar Bags Method Oxygen Absorber Packets Method The Dry Ice Method CO2 and Nitrogen Flush […]