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Our Doomsday Preppers Survey Says…

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Below are the results of our survey. We ran the survey for only one week after the first two episodes of National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers” Series aired on February 7th 2012. This survey was conducted from a web-wide base of Preppers from all walks of life. We hope the results are inspiring!   1. Select THREE of the people/families identified in the two 2/7/12 episodes of National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers” with whom you identify with the most: Paul and Gloria, The Retiree Preppers        44.0%    40 Christopher Nyerges, The Street Survivor    19.8%    18 Megan Hurwitt, The Young Urban Prepper    8.8%   […]

Doomsday Preppers! What do you think? Tell us this week!

By: Donna Miller, Host of Your Preparation Station on PRN I’ll be having Alan Madison, the Executive Co-Producer return to my radio show in March. He bravely agreed to come back after the series has aired for a few times to hear from the prepper community. Thus WE will need to hear from YOU . So, what do you think? So, BEFORE FEB 14 – Please go our new community Facebook Page – Your Preparation Station (you don’t have to be signed into FB to take the survey) and look for the survey. While you’re there – you may want […]