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Food Storage Method: #4 CO2 & Nitrogen Flush

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Frankly and as a personal note. We are not particularly fond of ANY method that requires hazardous efforts or chemicals. We are not endourcing these methods as much as sharing options with you our reading family.  Please take all precautions and educate yourself THOROUGHLY before attempting ANY risky storage method. movie the mechanic on dvd life as we know it download full film CO2 & Nitrogen Flush life as we know it download the hurt locker original movie download This method can be used instead of in place of dry ice method and reacts just as it does.   Directions are similar: Simply […]

Food Storage Method: #3 Dry Ice Packing

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The Dry Ice Method The instructions for using this method are as follows: One pound of dry ice is used for a thirty-gallon drum of wheat. Place about three inches of grain on the bottom of the Mylar bag that is inside a plastic bucket. Then place a three-inch square of dry ice on top of the food that you just poured in. Fill the bucket about half full and allow thirty minutes to two hours for the ice to dissipate completely. Now lay the lid on loosely so the gas can escape. Once all gas has escaped, seal the […]

From containers to methods; many choices.

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There are many containers for storing your dry goods and food storage. We’ve touched on the most popular below.  But along with the container are a wide variety of methods to aid in food storage. The choices are as varied as the climates you may live in.  At this point, I’d like to just list them for you to begin to see the wide array of choices to put to work in your chosen containers. Some of the methods to aid in food storage are: Mylar Bags Method Oxygen Absorber Packets Method The Dry Ice Method CO2 and Nitrogen Flush […]