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To buy gold or buy food.

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  We are supporters of a certain Preparedness Forum that someone posted a question that went something like this: I hear a lot about having money and precious metals on hand for the uncertain future. Wouldn’t an investment not be better spent now in a different way? Canned peas that cost currently cost $.78 might be $7.80 in our economic future.  I would personally rather have food, water and toilet paper than paper money, coins or even gold and silver. The foundation for asking this question is the current economy and trends. The question is very legitimate as many of […]

Interuption: Value of money vs. Valuables

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Please excuse the interruption. We interrupt this Preparation List to bring you a very valuable update. With a new influx of freshly printed money about to enter our economy, do you know exactly what that does to money that is put into savings? It de-values it. Money that is not backed by a real commodity such as gold is simply not real money. Once flooded into circulation it will look good for a while on the economic polls and facade, but eventually it too will become worth only the paper it is printed on. Once that money becomes less valuable, […]