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Preparation and Food Storage: Home-canning

Canned goods are not just in the commercially canned containers. Not too far in the distant past, most of the preserved foods had little to do with added preservatives, but with canning. The first canning process was developed as a French military discovery by Nicolas Appert. In 1800, Napoleon Bonaparte offered an award of 12,000 francs to anyone who could conceive of a practical method for food preservation for armies on the march; he is widely reported as saying “An army marches on its stomach”. After about 14 or 15 years of trial and error, Appert presented his invention and […]

Your RED book: Step 2 – A Meeting Point, Maps & Routes

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You’ve gotten your list of contacts together for your RED book now. Remember to keep them updated with current cell phone numbers, addresses from a move and new family additions. It’s time to move on to a tactical plan. download of hereafter movie Pick at least one meeting point for the family to gather if an epic emergency were to strike. More than one (under differing circumstances) is advisable. Set the places and the circumstances so everyone knows when to go where. This can be in your own town if others can get to it (that’s why more than one […]

Bulk Food Storage: Canned Goods

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Canned goods add great value to your long-term food storage plans. Obviously for a variety of reasons, some of which are: Some items are better stored by canning than any other process, thus increasing variety of foods stored. There is little preparation for a canned item when the need to eat. They are small space friendly. Stocking up at a local grocer is easy when canned goods go on sale. They lend to an easy rotation for using the older items first. Often we (as a grain provider) focus on the dried goods, but canned goods are vital to a […]

Preparation practice: Swine Flu

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Regardless of where it came from or where it is going, Swine Flu is in the news a lot lately. The CDC has websites dedicated to trying to help ‘calm the fears’ of those who don’t know what to do or are worried about loved ones. This is the calmest ‘practice’ we could have for an epidemic. Swine flu has been here and handled before.  I believe our efforts for preparation are getting tested. Either you are prepared now or you will want to be after the dust settles from this most recent epidemic. Keep working on our preparation list […]