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Your RED Book – Step 1: First Contact

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The very first thing that most families in the USA did when the attack on 9-11 happened was to contact each other. Phone lines were jammed. Information was bottle-necked. Planes were grounded and many were frustrated at trying to contact others in their families. Our kids were younger, and we were outside playing when it all happened, and my husband was working in a neighboring county several miles away. We knew nothing until we came in and found there had been SEVERAL calls left on the voice mail of him trying to get in touch with us. It’s natural in […]

Heirloom Seeds and Emergency Preparedness

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We search regularly for the most reasonable and well stocked preparation suppliers and have found two that we would like to share with you who are our readers….   and movie net Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

Preparation Step 2 – Include your family members.

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When building up your food storage and preparation stock, it is often over looked how to include family members. We hope to address that here in Preparation Step #2. In an ideal world, your family members (be they extended members, siblings, a spouse or children) would whole heartedly see what you were doing and be not only supportive but jump right in with enthusiastic vigor to help.  After all, what is family for, right?  Well, obviously if we feel the need for preparing for hard times and having ample food on hand, we’re not living in an ‘ideal world’ now are […]

Weekly Preparation Practice:

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It has become very apparent that so many people agree that there is ‘something’ on the horizon and they are not sure how to prepare for it. The reaction ranges from panic to ignoring what may or may not eventually come our way. It is our heartfelt desire to help families cope with what looks like may be coming down in our not too distant future. We want everyone who is interested to be prepared and not to panic. We want you to be able to share with those in need and not hoard out of fear. This list below […]