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The Raw Milk “Crime”

Ron Paul is up in arms about this issue, as I believe we all should be.  The FDA has been telling us what we can eat and drink for far too long, and now they continue to push into our refrigerators limiting grass-fed cow’s milk just because it has not had been pasteurized (which also kills off  the beneficial digestive enzymes ). How is it that we have a ‘free’ society that has a governmental agency dictating what we cannot drink? Foods with additives are approved, but not a natural product such as raw milk. Foods that are genetically modified, […]

FTC now into shutting down churches and ministries.

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If you didn’t think it was needed to store your own food and supplies for what may lie ahead, take a look at this article: This article actually has me concerned for the Mormon (LDS) Church. This is a church that believes in preparing to provide food for their own families and those in need in case of disaster. What if the FDA/FTC sees THAT as a threat too? You know, the Federal TRADE Commission can’t jack up the price, like they will when shortage and disaster hit, on things that are already stored….Hmmmm….be careful LDSers….no, really. download welcome to the […]

Irradiated Foods

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In the UK, irradiated foods are already ‘available’ to the consumer. There is a difference, though, they are LABELED. They are labeled in the stores AND on the menus.  Now either the FDA thinks that Americans are stupid, or apathetic about their own health and that ‘they’ (aka: big brother) know better or ‘The Mother Land’ actually DOES have brighter people living there. Somehow the UK government is fine with telling them their food choices include irradiated foods. The consumer’s right to know is obviously more important to the UK and the USA.  Can we call the Better Business Bureau on our […]

Let's just start with food recalls.

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