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Heirloom Seeds and Emergency Preparedness

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We search regularly for the most reasonable and well stocked preparation suppliers and have found two that we would like to share with you who are our readers….   and movie net Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

Sustainable Food; a solution to a crisis.

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Go ahead and do a web search for terms like: food peril, sustainable food, food shortage and the like. One would find a very long list of recent news alerts that forecast some troubling times ahead. Some people would say that we are to vote or allow our government to make the plans on how we receive food or prepare for a crisis. Many a debate is flying about for solutions to the shortage and high price of food. It seems the media has just recently realized what many people have seen coming for a few years. We cannot continue […]

No more wheat in U.S. government storehouse.

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Talk about ‘the last straw’…what is it going to take for Americans to wake up and see we actually ARE in a food crisis? While we as an ‘affluent’ nation do have some worldwide responsibilities to help the hungry, would someone tell me just how we are going to do THAT in addition to taking care of our own citizens without a grain of wheat in the U.S. Storehouse? We can’t. So now we fall down on both ends of the job. Today in the ‘Tri-State Observer’ in the ‘National News’ section, there are a few startling paragraphs in an […]

Markets are full of 'food' – so where is the crisis?

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In an article found in the Wall Street Journal yesterday (7-8-08)  the two below paragraphs literally jumped out at me: The new famine is not about a crisis in global supply. Markets are full of food that developing-nation consumers cannot afford to buy. Prices for rice, corn, wheat and soy beans, the staple crops for world sustenance, have doubled in a single year. This pinches families in developed countries who allocate 15% of their income to food. In poor countries, where many spend 75% of their earnings to eat, real wages have been cut by a life-changing one-third. A decade of […]

Low wheat inventory cause for concern

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In multiple articles across the news there is clear concern for the low wheat inventory.  The thing is, although wheat inventory is low for America, that’s not the only problem. There is nothing BUT wheat in reserve inventory.  You heard right. No cheese, no butter, no dry milk or other grains in inventory.  Do most people in America know that we have only enough in reserve right now to make ONE – half-loaf for each American?  That’s it. A half-loaf of bread’s worth, once used and it’s done. Reserve’s gone. No reserves in inventory. We have a bill that was […]

Food Crisis: Increase animal protein and grain

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In a recent editorial in the New York Times, there is a write up about the World Food Crisis.  A small blurb from this editorial states: “The United States and other developed countries need to step up to the plate. The rise in food prices is partly because of uncontrollable forces — including rising energy costs and the growth of the middle class in China and India. This has increased demand for animal protein, which requires large amounts of grain. ” It is with this paragraph that I take issue as to where the food crisis is being directed.  Yes, […]