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November’s Prepper Survey! Come share your voice.

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Feeding the World

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I’ve come to a revelation on our role in Feeding the World after reading this portion of a Bloomberg Report: “There’s been unprecedented demand globally for grains,” said Gordon Davis, managing director of Melbourne-based AWB Ltd., the largest wheat exporter in Australia. “It’s being driven by demand for protein in Asia, which reflects rising incomes.” Even farm animals, which eat 16 percent of the world’s wheat, are driving consumption as alternatives such as corn feed get more expensive. The appeal of corn-based ethanol is increasing as the U.S. government sets mandates for alternative energy sources. “There is a tremendous competition […]

Views differ on cause of rising food prices

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Several months ago, in fact almost a year ago, our household began to notice trends and almost foresee that there was a looming shortage of food even in the ‘civilized Western World’ or at best the signs of pending inflation of food prices.  It is no longer speculation or sensing that food prices may be on the rise but the proof of it is increasing on the shelves daily.  It’s not a matter of ‘if’ it happens now, but ‘why’ it is happening now that brings us to research some of the differing views on the potential causes to find remedy. […]