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European Union imposes santions on Iran’s Oil: The ripple affect.

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In a new effort to pressure Iran over it’s nuclear program, the European Union has imposed sanctions on Iranian Oil. There is some ‘wiggle room’ for negotiation, on the sanctions however if Iran were to suspendĀ  it’s atomic activity. Does the actions of those ‘across the pond’ affect those in the USA and around the world? I believe they will affect us and sooner as well as later. Some events that I see happening are as follows: Immidiately the west will have issues with crude oil prices which will… Raise the price of gas at the pumps An already sluggish […]

Food Storage Method: #3 Dry Ice Packing

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The Dry Ice Method The instructions for using this method are as follows: One pound of dry ice is used for a thirty-gallon drum of wheat. Place about three inches of grain on the bottom of the Mylar bag that is inside a plastic bucket. Then place a three-inch square of dry ice on top of the food that you just poured in. Fill the bucket about half full and allow thirty minutes to two hours for the ice to dissipate completely. Now lay the lid on loosely so the gas can escape. Once all gas has escaped, seal the […]