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Without getting overly spiritual and heading down the path of in Whom our security should lie and Who knows the end of the book while we’re still acting out the chapters here on earth…the topic of “security” has become a volatile one at best here in the tangible world. Most especially it is a volatile topic in America. To top off the state of affairs that plague America the past few years – many of us have suffered a great sense of the lack of Security, even while government tries to reach in and do more – we are less […]

SWAT Raid on Ohio Family

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Did anyone hear this SWAT raid on the family in Ohio? All because of their choice of food, storage and sharing. Why is it not in mainstream media news?  See below: ” On Monday, December 1, a SWAT team with semi-automatic rifles entered the private home of the Stowers family in LaGrange, Ohio, herded the family onto the couches in the living room, and kept guns trained on parents, children, infants and toddlers, from approximately 11 AM to 8 PM. The team was aggressive and belligerent. The children were quite traumatized. At some point, the “bad cop” SWAT team was […]

No more wheat in U.S. government storehouse.

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Talk about ‘the last straw’…what is it going to take for Americans to wake up and see we actually ARE in a food crisis? While we as an ‘affluent’ nation do have some worldwide responsibilities to help the hungry, would someone tell me just how we are going to do THAT in addition to taking care of our own citizens without a grain of wheat in the U.S. Storehouse? We can’t. So now we fall down on both ends of the job. Today in the ‘Tri-State Observer’ in the ‘National News’ section, there are a few startling paragraphs in an […]

Low wheat inventory cause for concern

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In multiple articles across the news there is clear concern for the low wheat inventory.  The thing is, although wheat inventory is low for America, that’s not the only problem. There is nothing BUT wheat in reserve inventory.  You heard right. No cheese, no butter, no dry milk or other grains in inventory.  Do most people in America know that we have only enough in reserve right now to make ONE – half-loaf for each American?  That’s it. A half-loaf of bread’s worth, once used and it’s done. Reserve’s gone. No reserves in inventory. We have a bill that was […]