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Preparedness Christmas Giveaway We (The Preparedness Blogging Brigade)have teamed up with some great companies to bring you this mega giveaway just in time for Christmas. If I'm being honest, sometimes I struggle with being part of the Blogging Brigade because I can't enter to win these cool prizes.   But then again - I love that we can offer them to YOU!  I want you to win these, get prepared or share as a gift with someone who needs to be more prepared but cannot afford it.  So I'm happy to pass this up and pass this on.  (: The giveaway […]

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Cialis Soft pills FOR SALE, Freezing grain and four first is not a 'cure all' for future bug infestation, but if you have good, food grade and would like to take extra measures jut to be more sure, then freezing is a great option to add to the security of your dry food stock. Cialis Soft pills online cod, If your grain buckets are stored in the garage for winter, the freezing temperatures will probably kill any weevil that may be present.  This is not advisable though if your garage also tends to get HOT in the summer (over 70 degrees).  […]

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Aloe Vera Thick Gel FOR SALE, We will resume our series on storage methods on Monday. For now, Aloe Vera Thick Gel 800mg, 875mg, 900mg, Aloe Vera Thick Gel samples, this is a timely sale on grain mills that we wanted to make sure that you could find what you may need at a reduced price.. The following links are to grain/flour mills that the manufacturers have recently put on sale for a limited time or while supplies last :  . NutriMill - Now only $239.99 + Free Shipping (Savings of $30)     .   L'Equip VitalMill - Now only […]