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Doomsday Preppers! What do you think? Tell us this week!

By: Donna Miller, Host of Your Preparation Station on PRN I’ll be having Alan Madison, the Executive Co-Producer return to my radio show in March. He bravely agreed to come back after the series has aired for a few times to hear from the prepper community. Thus WE will need to hear from YOU . So, what do you think? So, BEFORE FEB 14 – Please go our new community Facebook Page – Your Preparation Station (you don’t have to be signed into FB to take the survey) and look for the survey. While you’re there – you may want […]

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I know there will be some great input from the peanut gallery – er, uhm the chat room! So I hope you’ll come and join us tonight…!!! Your Preparation Station with Donna Miller. TONIGHT’S TOPIC: “A Healthy Mindset for Prepping.” Call in or chat live tonight as we discuss just what ‘criteria’ fall into developing a Preparedness Mindset. Prepping is so much more than stockpiling guns or food, buying a generator or hiding out…there is a HEALTHY mindset that needs to be developed for every prepper. The phone lines and chat room will be open for discussion and we’ll share […]