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Preparation Step 3 – Deal with stress; stay or get healthy

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The reason this preparation step is a two part subject is because the two go hand in hand. Stress and health related issues. The vicious cycle of being under stress causes us to eat less healthy and exercise less. Stress itself causes a myriad of bad chemical reactions within our bodies which add to the poor eating habits and lack of physical activity.  But both a better diet and healthy balance of moving our bodies actually helps to combat the stress both mentally and physically. The topic of ‘preparation’ can cause stress. That’s why the vast majority of people prefer […]

Preparation Step 2 – Include your family members.

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When building up your food storage and preparation stock, it is often over looked how to include family members. We hope to address that here in Preparation Step #2. In an ideal world, your family members (be they extended members, siblings, a spouse or children) would whole heartedly see what you were doing and be not only supportive but jump right in with enthusiastic vigor to help.  After all, what is family for, right?  Well, obviously if we feel the need for preparing for hard times and having ample food on hand, we’re not living in an ‘ideal world’ now are […]

Preparation Step 1 – Taking Stock

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As we have shipped out almost 3/4 of the inventory that came YESTERDAY of Bulk Food Storage Pails  , we also answered a multitude of emails and phone calls from people who, just like us, are preparing for an uncertain future.  A great many people are moving from just now having their eyes opened to what looks like troubled times ahead, to an almost overwhelming panic because they don’t know what steps to take, or how to prepare.  download hd tomorrow, when the war began   We want to help. We may not be perfect. You may have more ideas. That’s […]