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Food Storage Method #7: Freezing Grain and Flour First

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Freezing grain and four first is not a ‘cure all’ for future bug infestation, but if you have good, food grade and would like to take extra measures jut to be more sure, then freezing is a great option to add to the security of your dry food stock. If your grain buckets are stored in the garage for winter, the freezing temperatures will probably kill any weevil that may be present.  This is not advisable though if your garage also tends to get HOT in the summer (over 70 degrees).  So other options may be something you can persue. You […]

Food Storage Method: #4 CO2 & Nitrogen Flush

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Frankly and as a personal note. We are not particularly fond of ANY method that requires hazardous efforts or chemicals. We are not endourcing these methods as much as sharing options with you our reading family.  Please take all precautions and educate yourself THOROUGHLY before attempting ANY risky storage method. movie the mechanic on dvd life as we know it download full film CO2 & Nitrogen Flush life as we know it download the hurt locker original movie download This method can be used instead of in place of dry ice method and reacts just as it does.   Directions are similar: Simply […]

Food Storage Method: #2 Oxygen Absorber Packets

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The Oxygen Absorber Packets Method gantz online movie the full how to train your dragon movie These can be purchased from most food storage companies. The little packets look like a small tea bag or packet of sweet-n-low or sugar. This relatively new procedure is proving to be one of the better methods of prolonging food storage. Once the multiple pack of the absorber packs is opened, a packet must be placed inside the container within fifteen minutes of being opened and exposed to the air. Obviously air (oxygen) insde a sealed container is less oxygen to be absorbed than the air out in your living room! These […]

Food Storage Method: #1: Mylar Bags

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The Mylar Bag Method. While this is not the method that we use currently, I do see it as a very viable choice for certain environments and in certain cases. If you have extremely