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Long-Term Workable Pantry TOOLS.

It all sounds nice and good to say ‘Build a Long-Term Workable Pantry” but if you don’t know where to get the tools to do so, it can be a bit frustrating. Our hope is to give you some realistic options to choose from. We’ve touched on how to go about it and some steps to take toward building that pantry, and your new sets of back to basics skills… but now we want to focus on where to GET items you may need. Some people have ample room and can have storage that looks similar to this: But more […]

What is preparation or prepping? A brief breakdown.

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What does it mean to ‘Be prepared’? Of course it used to be the Boy Scout Motto (maybe it still is, but I’m not a Boy Scout). Also, what is this new word “prepping”? Isn’t that what doctors do prior to surgery? Well, both of these questions lead to the need of explaining exactly what preparation or prepping actually is. It is a little easier to breakdown the things that preparation, prepping or living the preparedness lifestyle actually include rather than saying what it is or isn’t because it looks different for every family. Some things that it should NOT […]

What food to store and a word on food calculators.

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One of the things I am always asked is “What should we stock up on and store for our longer term pantry?”  The answer to that is simple: What you’ll eat. DISCLAIMER – there are a few things I’ve found wrong with almost ALL food storage calculators: There is no itemized count for fruits or vegetables. hd online There is little ‘play room’ for figuring if you tend to eat less wheat and more of another grain. Often canned foods do not include fruits and vegetables, but shortening and puddings. So with that said, we have to do a good […]

Weekly Preparation Practice:

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It has become very apparent that so many people agree that there is ‘something’ on the horizon and they are not sure how to prepare for it. The reaction ranges from panic to ignoring what may or may not eventually come our way. It is our heartfelt desire to help families cope with what looks like may be coming down in our not too distant future. We want everyone who is interested to be prepared and not to panic. We want you to be able to share with those in need and not hoard out of fear. This list below […]

Preparation is better than panic

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We have had many people flooding our store with calls and emails feeling the need to stock up during these uncertain times. I can honestly say, we’ve seen this coming for a while and are now on the cusp of more people feeling the need to prepare. hi-def quality gnomeo & juliet download Preparation can be handled in a few different ways: · Stock piling out of fear or panic. · Hiding goods for ‘someday’. · Daily learning/practicing of skills and planning We see so many people react out of fear or panic that it is much like the preverbal chicken with its […]

Learning to cook in case of emergency

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This site is about storage and grain stocking, but if you store all that you need, when the time comes to use it, if you’ve not learned how to use it – it’s still worthless.  So before just storing up in case of emergency, get familiar with those storage foods by learning to create great meals from them first! We have a year long pantry. What that means is that we first stocked up for 6-8 months worth of foods in the pantry and then grew it to what would feed us for a year.  We use food out of this […]

Overwhelmed by long term food pantry? Relax and take steps.

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I know how you feel. Just take a deep breathe and compartmentalize… can be very overwhelming at first.  That’s one reason I found these buckets – people were telling me that for a year’s supply I had to vacuum pack and re-vacuum pack etc…drove me nuts! It’s like I invaded Fort Knox each time I wanted to cook!   My opinion is to first focus on the minimum 1 year useful pantry. It’s the one you will get into on a regular basis now and learn to build meals from….so that ‘in case’ of emergency you are also skilled in […]

Long Term Storage Clarified

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There are a few differing opinions as to what IS long term storage. Obviously with no exact date, the phrase can be open for interpretation. psp the last airbender movie download Since most of Americans live from week to week for groceries and others still live from day to day purchasing on the way home from work, long term storage -no matter what the date length – is still foreign to most people. For us, the phrase means having a minimum of a 6 month dry goods pantry on hand at all times. We do not ignore stock piles of […]