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November’s Prepper Survey! Come share your voice.

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Preparation Step 10 -Transportation

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Preparation step number 10 is actually an ‘add-on’ that was overlooked in my original list of steps – so now there are 11 steps all together. Remember though, that these are just suggestions to get someone started they are not the end of the list nor all inclusive. Each person and family has to add to (I’d not suggest taking away from) what is listed here as a starter. Transportation takes many forms, but in an emergency situation to know your mode of transport can mean getting help in adequate time or fleeing a hostile situation. It is good to […]

Preparation Step 4 – Plan to care for medical needs

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This preparation step is the best follow up to the previous one (see below). If we take seriously the efforts needed in step 3, then we have less to worry about here in preparation step number 4. Yet, we are not guaranteed good health all the time. That is why planning for medical care and medical needs are so essential in the preparation plan. Let’s say you and your family are quite healthy. You don’t foresee any major issues with health  in your near future. That is fantastic.  The common cold and flu still have a habit of hindering even the […]