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Wheat and corn prices effect more than baked goods.

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Have you looked at just about any box of ‘packaged’ pre-prepared food in the store for ingredients? What about some of the processed ‘meats’ that are the staples for the Standard American Diet (yes, SAD is a very good acronym for it)? Most foods contain wheat.  In some form or another wheat (and corn) have found their way into some of the oddest foods you would think! Mostly they are ‘fillers’ but yet, the wheat and corn are hidden in the ingredients, and thus, will affect prices. According to Hilton Dinner, a bakery owner from Edmonton, Canada, the price of flour […]

Food shortage and food prices – the long haul.

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In an April 7th, article of the New York Times, the author ends with these words after going down the list of causes both in and out of our control about the shortage of food: “But it’s not clear how much can be done. Cheap food, like cheap oil, may be a thing of the past. ” wake the movie to download In a more recent article in the International Herald Tribune, a writer interjects this paragraph: “Apparently, high energy and grain prices, the impact of climate change and the growing demand for biofuels have all contributed to the scarcities. […]

Grain shortage and rising food prices: worldwide crisis.

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Rising world food prices have sparked Egypt’s government into a struggle to contain a political crisis. Violence has broken out at long subsidized bread lines, and the president is worried about unrest. He has ordered the army to step in.  At least seven people have died, according to police — two who were stabbed when fights broke out between customers waiting in the long line, and others died from the exhaustion of waiting in line. The World Food Program on Monday this past week have urged countries to help it by bridging a funding gap in more food assistance caused by higher prices of food and grains.  […]