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Preparation Step 8 – Security

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Step number 8 in our preparation process deals with security. No matter your choice of alternate emergency, permanent or temporary shelter (from Step 7) you should also have the ability to lock your belongings to reduce theft. download faster film high quality film online If you have chosen a mobile form of shelter for emergency preparedness, then your security system of course must also be mobile or attached within the mobile unit (R.V) and have the ability to be canceled. This can be one or more safety boxes, ammo cans or anything that is impenetrable or can be hidden. If your choice […]

Preparation Step 5 – Working on Mental Acuity.

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The next on our list of preparation steps is the step of keep mentally active. Have you ever heard the cliché: “Idleness is the devil’s workshop.”? This may have just been a saying around where I grew up, but it does apply to our mental acuity. An idle mind does go to waste, but there is no one to blame but myself if my mind is idle. Keeping mentally sharp, aware or acute relies solely on me and no one else. If I become lulled by television to thinking I *need* to be entertained, that is no one’s fault but […]