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Water, water everywhere nor any a drop to drink.

This line from the poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner rings more true when thinking of surviving difficult times. As we’ve stated before in at least one email that has gone out to everyone who subscribes, water is more VITAL than food when surviving is the issue. A human body can last at least 40 days without food, but begins to shut down all vital organs in less than 3 days of no water. After the 3 day period, with little to no water, the damage is nearly irreversible. The damage begins that early and the body begins dying. […]

RED (Real Emergency Directions) Book – Step 4: Vital Records

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When an ermergency hits and all eyes are on you to think and react quickly – this RED book will be a  lifesaver!   The time it takes to organize your RED Book will now will help give you the peace of mind to react clearly. The next step (step 4) in our process is to gather your vital records or the very least a copy of them for this book. Put them in their own tabbed section and inside a water proof cover slip to be extra sure they are legible and not damaged in case of flood or rain […]