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Pain Massage Oil FOR SALE, Quite frankly - this is NOT one of our personal favorites when it comes to methods of keeping infestation at bay for food storage.  Please do not take this (solely or any other recommendation) as the end all authority. We are hoping to share options with you - for you to draw conclusions and decide the best plan for your family, Pain Massage Oil from canadian pharmacy. Pain Massage Oil 150mg, With that said, on to the other method option:  Using Diatomaceous Earth

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  • Mike F.
    June 7, 2011

    Well, all I can say w/r to your biased approach which hinges upon the ignorance and intellectual level of others is that your attitude is in need of change.

    If the user does not know the difference between facial powder and gun powder or rubbing alcohol and drinking alcohol, then their mistake will enlighten them.

    Science and its benefits must go to those worthy of the cause and that hinges upon the better gene pool along with those that have a caring attitude. If ignorance by others is what governs your perspective then most of technology would (or) should be a failure because so many in history have misused the science / technology from what it was intended.

    Wrong consequences or bad choices by others should not be the reason to deny the rest of us the opportunity simply because of the ignorance and indifference or just plain stupidity of a few. If the reader eats crystallized [ calcined ] diatomaceous earth and fails to know the difference, well, then maybe their reaction will be a wake-up call to read the label better the next time.

    Don’t knock a product due to potential misuse by others. If that were the case, then police officers are in the wrong for carrying a side-arm because of its capacity [ and history ] to do harm. The harm I believe is between the ears of most Americans [ or is that Amerikans ?]

    Practically every web site that covers DE mentions the difference between amorphous DE and crystallized [ Quartz / cristoballite / etc. ] and the user should learn the difference and not eat the quartz stuff, i.e., the swimming pool filter grade.

    If the product is good and has a purpose then by all means use it and use it according to what it was designed for. Same goes for mercury, kitchen knives, airplanes, parachutes, speedboats, medicines, firearms and, well……..the list goes on and on now doesn’t it?

    Children need guidance!
    Label readers beware!

    • admin
      June 7, 2011

      I wholeheartedly agree with your comment.
      Please note the beginning of the post states “NOT one of our personal favorites” meaning we simply don’t choose to use it nor is it a favored option for US. We have not ‘denied’ any one the option of giving this a try. Nor are we ‘knocking it’ by saying it is not our personal family favorite.

      We have friends who use this method and we’ve eaten from their stored foods.
      Much like deodorants – most work as intended, but some are not my favorite.

      However, all your points are very valid about use as intended and be sure it’s the right kind (for more than just DE)!

    • admin
      September 9, 2011

      Hi Mike!
      Honestly thought that I approved this comment long long ago (because I remembered reading it) due to the fact that you raise some very valid points. Those who want to use this should and in fact likely do conduct the research to choose the proper form of DE to use. Most certainly I could not dispute that.

      What I will dispute however is the opinion of our choice being made in ignorance. We choose not to use DE….This is a personal decision. I also choose not to promote it because we choose not to use it….this is an ethical decision. In all good consciousness, I cannot promote or teach on a subject that I do not have first hand experience in myself. It is not to dissuade anyone from using it, but rather to say that I do not promote it due to OUR choice of using other options. If I don’t know the particulars of it myself because we opt for other methods, how could I assume to teach someone else what to look for and how to use it. We merely want to put options out there for the reader to do exactly as you mention – Children need guidance – but since we don’t use it, we won’t be the guides for it.

      Folks should think for themselves. Use what they deem works best for themselves. Promote by experience to be credible and lay out differing options when sharing in order to be fair. That is really what this #6 is…an option.

      Hopefully this makes sense and you can see the direction the option given was coming from. It is an option we do not choose, therefore it would be arrogant to attempt to teach how to use it. However, I must say, your comment has done quite a good job of opening the door in that direction. Thank you!

  • asimov13647
    December 12, 2010

    WHY do you not recommend diatomaceous earth to preserve grain? If not DE, then what?

    • admin
      December 13, 2010

      Honestly DE is not one of my favored methods to recommend simply due to the potential of someone inadvertently purchasing DE that is not approved for human consumption. I’d hate for someone to not read a label but purchase something due to my recommendation and become ill.

      There are so many safer options to recommend …. that’s all.

      IF you are using DE and are aware of how to procure safe DE – then by all means it does work, it’s just not something I like to recommend for safety sake of those who may NOT be avid label readers.

      Best Blessings!

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